Saint Vagabond

Saint Hex Ring - Bronze


Centered with an ancient Sumerian cross, this hexagonal shaped ring is both bold and unpretentious; a modern design made timeless in its geometry.

The word SAINT travels along one side; a representation of the unending human struggle for honor, virtue, devotion, and divinity. The use of the term “saint" is not exclusive to Christianity. In many religions, there are people who have been recognized and celebrated within their traditions as having fulfilled the highest aspirations of spiritual teaching. The term “saint” is often used to translate this idea from many World Religions. While Saints exert powerful influence on their followers, they touch the lives of others in deep and transforming ways as well.

  • Bronze is a mixed metal, containing copper.


  • Storing your jewelry in silver cloth bags will help minimize tarnish and oxidation.
  • Washing jewelry in warm water with mild dish soap will keep your pieces nice and shiny- use a soft bristled tooth brush for more vigorous cleaning.
  • Silver cloths will remove tarnish from both silver and bronze. Bronze WILL tarnish faster than silver, and will usually need to be cleaned more often.
  • Refrain from using chemical cleaners as these can damage stones and remove patina.
  • Wearing your jewelry in swimming pools is not recommended!

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